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The replacement  of my counter tops in the kitchen from formica to granite is so stunningly beautiful ( like night & day ) and  that's including replacing the vanity tops with granite in both bathrooms ( plus new sinks & faucets in the kitchen and bathrooms ) and that the work was done so excellently , that i would recommend 1st American to everyone !


Date Written: 30 January 2018

Testimonial By: Thomas Halikas



The quality of work is far superior to other companies. Everything was done in a timely fashion and cleanup after was great ! would recommend that you have your project done by these professionals . very happy with the work and service !


Date Written: 8 February 2018

Testimonial By: Ann Tally



I happily recommend 1st American Builders.  From the moment I met Jim I knew I was in good hands.  He listened patiently to the improvements I needed for my home (which included repairing a large section of drywall, painting, constructing shelving, and building a window seat for my bay window).  Jim provided me with a more than fair price and scheduled the days for the work to be completed.  He assigned craftsman who completed all of the work in 2 days with no inconvenience for me. I'm looking forward to my next project with 1st American Builders of Chicago.


Date Written: 17 June 2017

Testimonial By: Tracey Thomas



Recently had 1st American Builders remodel my bathroom. Jim was great. He was always available and made sure I was completely happy. Look forward to getting more work done in the future. My bathroom looks better then I ever imagined.


Date Written: 21 June 2015

Testimonial By: Cody Drescher



My experience with 1st American Builders was as smooth as a process as anyone could hope for. James Halikas met with me with after I experienced a horrific break in with a rental property I owned. I anticipated the process of getting quotes would be long and tiring, or even the possibility of dealing with shady contractors. From day one 1st American Builders treated me as if I was family and walked me through the step by step process. In all the job included completely new bathrooms and a kitchen floor to name a few. I was completely pleased with their work and did not have to constantly monitor the guys as they worked. I simply gave them the key to the property and they took care of the rest. I recently had to call on Jim for a small problem in the wee hours of the morning and he pointed me in the right direction as well as called me back to make sure the problem was resolved. 1st American Builders will always get my business and I highly recommend you to use them as well. Thanks guys!!!


Date Written: 23 May 2013

Testimonial By: Theron Lowrey


Jim is an honest and down to earth guy who makes sure the job gets done right - I have worked with him in the past and would like him to redo my in-laws bathroom as a surprise for their anniversary. I would recommend 1st American builders to anyone who cares about honesty and quality. Thanks for everything Jim.


Date Written: 1 August 2013

Testimonial By: Joel Thomas


1st American Builder put siding on my home. The workers were prompt, polite. They completed the job in a timely manner, and cleaned up well. Their workmanship is really good. I am very pleased with their work. I would recommend this team to anyone.


Date Written: 10 May 2013

Testimonial By: JO Ann F


Quality Excellent I have had work done over 24 years ago with !st American Builders, (Windows & Patio Door) when I needed a new Entry door 1st American was the first and only number I called. They were very professional and helpful. My experience with them was one I would recommend to anyone who asked.


Date Written: 19 March 2013

Testimonial By: Anita Kovacs


I recently had to replace my my roof after a freak wind storm and I called on another builder who just did some patchwork and didn't rectify the problems I had. Jim and his crew came in and replaced the roof with the best materials on the market, at a very reasonable price. I particularly appreciated their flexibility as per scheduling and their patience as they walked me through the process and managed my expectations professionally. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs roofing or home building needs.


Date Written: 04 March 2013

Testimonial By: Tosan Olley


1st American Builders completed an entire basement with a full bathroom for me in 2004. They were very professional in handling all cleanups after each day of working. I was very pleased with their work. I definitely would use them again.


Date Written: 23 February 2013

Testimonial By: Mac Neil


WORK DONE: (1.) ROOF - Rear pitched-roof (15'x9') was leaking - Installed fiberglass base (called "ice shield"); New flashing; New shingles; New gutters; Small area was repaired, rotted wood holding soffit; New soffit; Patched hole in stucco near soffit (2.) Repaired water damaged rafters [interior] (3.) Opened up a room by replacing a load bearing wall with beams. COST: $7700 DATE: 1/26/2013 I was taking bids for the job and I'd seen a few other contractors within the past few days. They ALL had me wait for them to get back with me, to receive the quote either by email or phone. Some of them hadn't even gotten back to me yet. One of them sent out a non-contractor that couldn't even get me a quote, but wanted to set up a new appointment to bring an actual contractor with him. Yeah, complete waste of time. I suppose this is the norm for this type of business (especially if they have a lot of business/jobs) but when you're looking to quickly find out the cost of your project (AND want to get the job started within a week) this can be a bit annoying & frustrating. I found 1st ABC on Angie's List, called them and set up an appointment for the next day. The owner (James Halikas) came out and game me quote right on the spot. Which I REALLY appreciate. The quote he gave was also MUCH better than what I had received from the other contractors,not to mention he didn't suggest tearing my whole house apart (like some of the others) to get the job done. I guess that has to do with the 40 yrs of experience he mentioned. Well, I IMMEDIATELY went with them *ha*. They got started 3 days later on the roof (when the weather was above 40 degrees) the day after that they did the interior in a couple of hours. I was surprised at how quickly they finished, I thought it would take DAYS. The owner/foreman was very responsive & kept me posted on everything, as I was not present while they were working on my home. They were also very neat & clean. There were no scraps or debris left when they were done. As of today the roof is great and we've had a few MAJOR winter rain-storms, and there's no leaking what so ever. The owner also gave me an awesome quote on some MAJOR HVAC work I'm going to have done. I've been looking for a reliable contracting/remodeling company for a while. I've gone through several, and I'm so glad I found this one. Look forward to hiring them for many more projects.


Date Written: 11 February 2013

Testimonial By: J Mitchell


1st American Builders did a total remodel of a bathroom for me. The work was completed on schedule and I was kept well informed during the week. They kept the construction dust to a minimum. I would recommend them to others.

Date Written: 12 February 2013
Testimonial By: mark meravy



When my mother's 2nd floor caught fire, on a very old frame 2 flat, the fire department did most of the damage containing the fire (roof vent, water damage all the way down to the basement). The insurance company made this 86 year old widow the settlement of $20,000.00, and then left it to her to find someone to get her house back together at this price. Through 1st American Builders her home was completely repaired to a better quality than before the fire. This very stressful event was alleviated by the diligent and caring people that work at 1st American Builders. 1st American Builders spent untold hours with fire inspectors, insurance representatives, and of course the costumer, me and my mother. 1st, all fire related damage that needed repairing and/or replacing had to be photograph and sent to the adjuster to justify repair cost that the insurance company missed. After about five negotiating episodes with 1st American Builders, the insurance company knew they were not dealing with amateurs, and the insurance company ended up paying over $125,00.00 to make this structure habitable. All fire damaged wood had to be replaced, ceilings, walls, and floors tested for moisture and striped to treat for mold (this was throughout the dwelling from the fire department). The roof was striped completely, repaired and a structural 30 year grade shingle installed. Fascia, soffits, repaired and covered with aluminum. New gutters and siding all around, even though the insurance didn’t want to pay for new they wanted to patch everything (you can’t blame them for tiring to save their money), but, 1st American Builders fought for us and got it done right. Replaced damaged windows (5 total, double pane vinyl). Inside was worse, 1st American Builders, had to jack up part the 2nd floor to level it, then put new support joists underneath, gutted walls, dehumidified entire building, treated with mold and odor inhibiter. Insulated exterior walls, repaired damaged electrical systems, replaced damaged doors (3 exterior with storm doors, 5 interior doors, all with new hardware), drywalled taped and mudded joints, sanded sooth and painted. Replaced in both bathrooms, tubs, commodes, fixtures, vanities, lighting and ceramic tile floors. Replace in both kitchens, cabinets, sinks, fixtures, flooring. In all the other rooms(4 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, and 1 dining room) beautiful wall to wall carpeting. Thank You 1st American Builders.


Date Written: 08 February 2013

Testimonial By: ed chesser



We've been using 1st American Builders of Chicago for over 23 years. Jim H and his crew are the best value, service and work in the Chicagoland area. Its always great dealing with the owner Jim Halikis, he's always willing to work with you on price and scheduling , their work is second to none. we highly recommend them to anyone.


Date Written: 06 February 2013

Testimonial By: Tom Reddy


I have owned four different homes in the Chicago area over the last 15 years. I have used 1ST American for rehab jobs ranging from finishing a basement, remodeling a kitchen, to installing a steam room. I have always found 1ST American professional, courteous, and most important honest in their assessments of the work needed to be done. They always finish a project on time and to my satisfaction. If you are looking for any size job 1ST American should be your first contact. I highly recommend the company.


Date Written: 06 February 2013

Testimonial By: William Mayback



1st American has done a ton of work for me over several years. Just this past year they did a new roof, refinished our oak floors, painted several rooms and handled several electrical issues in our townhome. Previously, they did a total rehab of a 6,000 sq ft, four level home that was in serious disrepair when I bought it. They work fast, clean and courteously with fine workmanship. I highly recommend.


Date Written: 06 February 2013

Testimonial By: Carlton guthrie



I have utilized the services of this company for kitchen/bath remodeling and have received superior, quality work, professional and hard working contractors who arrive very early and clean up each day during the project before leaving. The owner makes daily trips to the site to oversee the work being performed and top quality materials are always used. The customer selects every detail of material (no surprises) and is encouraged to inspect the job completed before the final payment is made. I have recommended this company to many people who have have room additions, decks put in, basements refinished, bath and kitchens remodeled and they were completely satisfied,too.


Date Written: 23 June 2012

Testimonial By: Sameera Pelissier



Diligent and conscienctious craftsman, who are gentlemen to you and your neighbors. A great front office that gets things done with all aspects of building needs. They are problem solvers and fixers. Quality work throughout.


Date Written: 08 February 2011

Testimonial By: edward chesser



1st American did a great job renovating the bathroom. They did quality work, pretty quickly and were able to work around my schedule. I'd use them for further remodeling work in the future.


Date Written: 04 February 2011

Testimonial By: Linda B.


1st American Builders laid a concrete patio in my backyard. They worked fast and were very polite and clean during the whole construction process. We now have a wonderful concrete patio to enjoy. 1st American Builder created a beautiful addition to my house. My house was a 3 room home and they took off half of my second floor and now i have a beautiful 4 bedroom house. I recommend them for any work you may need around your house.


1st American Builders laid a concrete patio in my backyard. They worked fast and were very polite and clean during the whole construction process. We now have a wonderful concrete patio to enjoy.


Date Written: 06 April 2010

Testimonial By: Brandi parke





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