Insurance Claims Preparation

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1st American builders is proud to announce that we now have our very own in-house insurance claims preparation assistance specialist. We can assist in arbitrating any claims with your insurance company and ensuring speedy resolution as well as restoring your damaged property back to its original state or better! Wether you are having difficulty getting an equitable settlement or would just like to know where you stand when it come to your insurance, we’ve got you covered.

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Find out the condition and potential value of a property.

We do all types of rehabs and renovations for personal use or to increase property value.

Working with a fully licensed contractor puts your mind at ease that the contractor is accepted by local authorities as a safe and reputable contractor.

Rest assured that your project is fully insured and that you are not liable in the event of any mishaps throughout the building process.

Millitary and Senoir discounts available – up to 15%